9 Incredible Plants You Can Easily Grow in Water

I have done a too many mistakes killing precious greens because of overwatering, so consider growing plants directly in water.

Growing in water means there is no watering the plants for every next day and no messy soil for it. Don’t need any hydroponic systems for these plants, your never feel guilty about drowning them. 

  Does it make sound really good to you? Hence, let’s start!


  • Firstly take a plant you want to grow in water
  • After that take a cutting from the existing plant.
  • Then choose a glass vessel or jar with thinner neck for plant support
  • Keep it in a room with bright and indirect light. at that site the temperature does not change too often, but slightly warm
  • At last wait for your plant to grow.

1. Philodendron

Philodendrons are low maintenance plant. It can grow quickly in a tap of water in a jar, it tolerate bright and low light. It can give a more natural and inviting atmosphere with their lush and trailing leaves. If you are see it grown in a pot of soil, usually it can be flourish beautifully in water.

From the existing plant cut off about six inches to propagate philodendron. Afterwards place the cutting in a glass of water and wait for ten days then you will observe roots starting to form.

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2. Spider plant

The spider plant is the best plant in water propagation because it is easy to care without soil. You can easily plant it snip off its spiderettes and root them in water to create new one.

It’s my personal favorite because it give me less stress due to its highly adaptable in nature. It can tolerate lot of misuses, it was excellent for them those who are thinking about they are not blessed by green thumb.

Its sounds may frightened, but believe me spider plant do not have poison glands. It named as due to spiderettes or the spider like plants hanging down from its mother plant. 

3. Wandering Jew

Wandering Jew is a zebra stripped variety and bright purple leaves. It will add some life to the room or else add some color to your garden. If you are allergic to pollen from flowers then wandering Jew is good for you.

It can adapt to houseplant life, if you thrive in a room with moderate light. Stat to cut wandering Jew stem to grow in water. If you are cutting about six inches is easier to grow than smaller one. Place the cutted plant in a glass or clear jar with water as like the leaves should be out of the water to avoid rotting.

I recommend you to use glass or a clear jar it always fascinate to see the roots growing under water.

4. Lucky bamboo

Bamboo plants appear in offices, homes, or on desks. It will bring good luck and fortune in your home or office with this houseplant. Lucky bamboo has standing for being virtually immortal. It can survive in a vase full of water and board range of light conditions with its tough stalks. Hence, avoid direct sunlight while it scorches the leaves. If you notice that the green color is fading, it’s better to provide more light on it.

5. Fiddle leaf fig

The fiddle leaf is one of the incredible indoor plant with featuring large, violin shaped leaves. It commonly thrives in warm and wet conditions. It is super easy to grow this plant in water. Propagating in water just after four weeks you will notice roots are appears on cutting stem base. Hence, couple of more weeks you will observe roots growing in water. In a few times you will get a tons of fiddle leaf figs, you can sell for a good price or even share with your friends.

6. Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)

Pothos is an incredible houseplant which can improve indoor air quality, it can be done by removing of carbon dioxide and other contaminants from air around it and provide supplemental oxygen. It sounds really cool right? I know it have an impressive fact that its ability to withstand quite a bit of neglect.

Hence, growing pothos in water can be little bit tricky because of algae build-up. It became natural results of water and sunlight. If you use dark colored vase to minimize sunlight, it can also reduce algae buildup. You can prevent all sorts of problems with enough care and enjoy a healthy, luscious plant.

7. Chinese evergreen

Have you observed plastic Chinese evergreen plant in stores or in some people homes? I know I have.

After this plant they are actually modeled fake houseplant. If you are really exaggerated to grow Chinese evergreen plant, it is relatively easy to grow in water. Cut the six inches of existing Chinese evergreen plant and keep them in a vase filled with water. Be sure about the cutting is long enough is submerged under water and few leaves are above the water line.

Remember that indirect sunlight requires growing the plant in water. So it’s good to keep the container on a window sill. Wait for few weeks and then you will observe the roots come under the submerged parts of the stem.

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8. African violet

If you want to grow the plants in water from leaves is a best way to start with new African violet plants. It is good to choose healthy, young leaves cut with about two inches of the stem. Keep them to dry and after a month roots are begin to form on the stem.

9. Baby’s tears

Baby tears are a low growing plant featuring with a mass like appearance with stem that can be quite chubby. It can produce a myriad of small round leaves, create a opaque trailing mat. When adorned decoratively over the edge of the vase it works well with its spreading and creeping forms. Once you keep it in a jar for growing it does not require a lot of horizontal space, it will glow like a heavy head of green hair.

You have to change the water once a week. Although, remove the leaves that are floating in a water, which are start to rot.


If you are not having enough space or garden in your backyard or hate the messy soil in houseplant is not be the reason for not having greenery at your home. You don’t be afraid about drowning them because they need sunlight and water to survive.

 Plants’ growing in water is not only convenient and easy, but it brings lots of benefits to your daily living.

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