8 Surprising Sugar Uses in the Garden You Don’t Believe Are Possible

Are you shocked or not? Sugar can also used for gardening! We have recited 8 common ways to use sugar in garden.

Most people do not know that sugar has amazing benefits and their effective uses in the garden. You can use sugar in your garden in several ways and it is efficient and beneficial. Therefore, from this post, we will learn 8 surprising sugar uses in garden that you should definitely try this. Move ahead scroll down and learn about them.

Uses of Sugar in the Garden

1. Use sugar to clean dirty hands

Probably it’s the best choice to use sugar for hand wash to clean hands after gardening. You know that sugar is one of the natural solutions which can easily clean your hands. You also used it for face wash.

For cleaning use 1 table spoon of sugar and little water then wash the face or hands as normal. This works better for cleaning soiled, greasy and oily hands.

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2. Make cut flowers last longer

With the addition of sugar in the vase can increase the endurance of cut flowers. Simply mix a tablespoon of sugar in the vase of water and all done. Sugar rejuvenates the blossoms and helps them to live longer, hence the solution can produce bacterial growth and water smells bad and negatively impacts the cut flower. To prevent this frequently add a tablespoon of vinegar to it.

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3. Natural trap for pests

House flies and fruit flies can make a several problems in home and garden. If you are fighting with them in garden, so try this sugar fly trap. This solution works well for those who are attracted for sweet things. To make this solution, boil ¼ cup of sugar, ¼ cup of honey, 2 tablespoons of water in a pan over low heat as far as sugar dissolved. Dip the pieces of brown packaging paper in the mixture and hang them.

4. Get rid of nematodes

If the plants are wilting and dying for no reason in your garden, then check out their roots for knots which are caused by nematode feeding. If you use sugar it encourages the activity of bacteria and micro organism that can create hostile environment for the nematodes. To prevent nematodes you can also grow marigold.

To get rid of it sprinkles 5 pounds of sugar for every 250 square feet of garden.

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5. Grass stain remover

If you got grass stains on your cloth after working in garden. They can be challenging task for removing those stains, but if you have a sugar and the water you don’t worry about them.

Take ½ cup of sugar in a bowl and add warm water to it for making paste. Apply this paste on the stain and soak it for ½ an hour then wash it normally.

6. Ant Killer

If you want relieve from ants try this recipe to get rid of it. Combine 1 cup of sugar and 2 tablespoons of borax powder and pour it in a 2 cup of warm water. Soak cotton balls in this solution and keep them in areas where ants are. So they will surely get these balls because they love sugar and then borax will kill them.

7. Feed the butterflies, bees, and hummingbird

If you found any bee or other nectar feeding creature? You can feed a clean solution of sugar water to help them. In a saucepan 1 cup of boiled water, ¼ cup of sugar stirs it in water until dissolved. Cut the sponges into smaller rectangle shaped and make small hole in sponge.

Cut the 7 inch thread through sponge. Dive the sponge into the solution until fully sucked, allow excess to drip from the sponge then hang it to arms or wings or anywhere else for your winged friends. From this pollination will occur.

8. Feed Plants

If you want to give extra nutrients to your plants with the solution of vinegar, sugar and water. First, combine 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of sugar for every 8 ounce of water in container. Then apply of feed it to your plant as they needed!

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These are the most surprising sugar uses in gardens. These uses will help you to have a better and more beneficial gardening experience. Don’t pause to try them then you will be impressed by the results.

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