How to Start a Chicken Farm Business? Complete Guide

Chickens are one of the most raised birds when it comes to farming. In the poultry business, you can have different types of birds, but the chicken just holds a very special place.

According to data, it is the most consumed bird throughout the world. More than 60 million chickens are used for meat throughout the world in chicken farming. This stats prove the meat consumption is increasing year to year. Starting chicken farm business is one of the best way to make money and it’s great to make living from what you passionate about.

The chickens which are raised in the farms for meat are called Broilers. Even eggs are a brilliant source of protein, and people use it throughout the world. More than 70% of the total eggs people eat in the world are from chickens.

In this article, we will be talking on the topic of how to set up a chicken farm and gain profit in such a business.

How to Start a Chicken (Poultry) Farming Business?

If you see in the markets such as India, chicken farming is a brilliant idea for profit gain. People just love to have chicken in different forms. The egg production rate of chicken is also a factor why such farming is very profitable.

It is a business existing for decades in our markets; hence it is not a new idea for people. So you can find a lot of role models in the market with such an idea.

#1 Get your views clear on your business

This is a very important point to keep in mind. Never just go with the pros of chicken farming; you will have to deal in a very elaborate way before taking action and moving forward.

There can be a case in which a person can just think that such a business will bring profit without much effort, but it’s really not the case.

Poultry can be a whole different thing than a person expects. It needs dedication and very precise planning before you start it.

#2 Chickens don’t need too much care as other birds as Turkey can

This is one of the main points to take care of in the question of, How to start a chicken farming business? These birds are very adaptive and can go according to the situation. The number of Chickens can be a lot more than any other poultry bird.

Due to this number, the work that one needs to do in such farming is too much to manage. Since these birds don’t require a lot of maintenance, you can go with good numbers. A good amount of chickens can make a good amount of meat and eggs, further making a profit.

#3 You don’t need a very large space

This fact is very interesting and kind of amazing that such a furious organism doesn’t need a lot of space. You can have such a business just in your backyard. It’s really amazing that this limitation in space that chickens provide does give you the option of exploiting it and spreading your farm.

More the number more will be the profit business-wise. Space is a factor here that comes as a positive aspect.

#4 The protection and fencing should be kept, but ease could be there

Chickens are not that strong birds, and they have a very limited time of flight. You can have ease in keeping the fence tight.

So you get two things, the first being limited area and the second being low range security. These birds also like to be calm until they are not very much disturbed, so the farmer gets ease in maintaining the environment.

#5 Fooding

This is a factor you should have in mind before any poultry set-up. The main reason for such is an investment.

Many birds do require strict conditions and foods with specific contents. For example, the chicken should have food that is rich in protein and carbohydrates. It will help to get better meat and hence more profit. But before going into this business, you will have to look for the money one needs for this investment.

So a good farmer should be well familiar with how much he can invest in such actors later giving you the exact idea of how much your farm can be. Even the drinking options have to be kept in mind.

Poultry farming for beginners

It’s not a very complicated thing to do, and poultry farming for beginners can be an easy job. In the beginning, the main mindset should be a business with not a lot of investments and expectations to gain profit. If in the first instance you are expecting a lot of profit then this can be really very discouraging.

These are the points that beginners should have in mind

  • Start swiftly and slowly- give time to analyze well. Go to the farms and learn from the successful chicken farmers. See how they manage their own farms and note the small points of management. Start with a very small farm and go with a very simple plan. Even keep the number small so that you get the work in the first few months.
  • Investments – manage the investments, that means if you’re going for chicken farming, then you might be searching for investors. Get in touch with them and make your name for this. It’s a very important part, and the beginning will be the best time for producing a good investment opportunity.
  • Marketing- you have to get the proper marketing. If you start a farm and don’t have people who will help you buy your meat and eggs, then the complete idea becomes a failure. Even if the market gets down, you will be left with no other option except spoiling your business. So get the proper connection and establish the links to get your chicken into the market.
  • Profit- expecting a lot of profit can be very harmful. When you are in a new open business, then you should try to get yourself established. Looking for profits can be problematic and then in a case, if you don’t get it on your expectations, the morale gets down. It discourages a lot, and so it’s better suggested for the newcomers in the business to look for gaining the cost price rather than going for profit.

These points are very much to be taken care of before starting a Chicken Farming business.

Next up are points on poultry farming techniques

With the modernization of technology, people have made everything in poultry very easy. This has given a lot of advantages over basic and old techniques. The machines work brilliantly to provide the maximum possible ease. They can work brilliantly with eggs and raising the chicken. There are specific sections to get out the maximum possible meat. But when you are going to start a Chicken Farming business, you should not go with complicated mechanisms and techniques. One should always try to make things simple and lower the investment. 

Try learning the primitive poultry farming techniques and get used to the basics. In any case, if you are ready to set up a mechanism or machine-oriented Factory, then learn the things. You will be using everything for Chickens which are living, and machines don’t get this fact. You have to master every control and emergency situation to have a swift organization.

There are many techniques which a farmer should be aware of, and basics are again here what matters. Keep in mind the below-written points to have as a basic in chicken farming

  • Keep your chicken hydrated
  • Provide them with good food
  • Space should be sufficient
  • Cleaning of the place and chickens
  • Getting a regular check at the vet and having medicines for emergency situations.
  • Security and fencing are important.
  • Keep the predators away.
  • Usage of safe and easy ways for meat rearing

How much does it cost to start a chicken farm?

If you are a beginner, then this is a must question to have in your mind. A business should always have the estimated costs, and this makes it easy for you. In a chicken farming business, the estimated cost varies on the size of your farm and also on the breed which you are going to raise. Not only this much, but the fencing, food, and shelter can cost a good amount. Generally, it will cost you around $5000- $30,000 for a basic set-up. 

Again making this clear that it depends on a lot of factors how much it is going to cost you. Most of the people find it varies with the number of chickens on the farm. A 3000 chicken farm is an ideal idea to go for.

Poultry farming business plan

Speaking of poultry farm business plans, it’s not that much of a complicated plan. It’s very easy to differentiate, and mostly there are two business plans.

The first business plan that we have in chicken farming is related to the egg. There are many ways in which a chicken can be made to deliver a good number of eggs. Some of the species are especially the egg-producing ones. They are injected and hormonally activated to produce numerous eggs. It is one of the most basic plans in poultry. 

The second plan is on meat. The world likes to consume chicken in their own ways. Some like it deep fry and some like the gravy one. There are more than 1000 dishes made out of chicken throughout the world. This plan needs more effort and investment. If the bird is to make a good amount of meat, then it should be fed with a high-quality diet. Such diets can make them healthy and increase the meat content. Also, the techniques vary a lot, and further you need to maintain the hygienic standard of the birds.

Poultry farm for eggs

It is great to see that many of the new investors in this business like to go with this idea. Poultry farms for eggs can be a great business plan as the chicken is a very common consumable food in today’s world.

On the other side, it is very much more profitable than the other businesses—people set-up good machinery and mechanisms marketing thousands of eggs every day. The consumption of chicken eggs is so high that the demand never gets down. If you are a newcomer and don’t want to go for har techniques and meat rearing, then Poultry Farm for eggs is the best you have got.

 How much does it cost to start a poultry farm?

As we have gone through this earlier, so lots of discussions aren’t needed. If you want to start any of the poultry that means birds such as chicken, ducks, turkeys and goose, you will have to go for a basic plan and investment. It sometimes varies a lot form even species to species whereas birds to birds can be a lot more variegating. Every other bird needs its own conditions to live and grow, and as a farmer, you will have to keep all those conditions in your mind for a successful business.

Some facts on Chicken Farming

  • They are very fast in nature. Chickens do love to run fast with their small paws. Most of the birds don’t need a high speed on the ground, but this one has developed something special. They also can lift their bodies up to a certain distance above the ground.
  • A chicken grown up and raised in Factory by artificial means can have a very small life span. Many research claims that these chickens have a lifespan of only 43 days which actually is very less than the one found in the wild.
  • Chickens can grow tremendously every day- many chickens can grow more than 50g per day in factories.
  • Talking of space, these little birds can live even on a space smaller than a regular A4 size page.
  • Dust is its friend- due to some hormonal changes, and behavioural activity chickens love to cover themselves by dust. They like to dig small holes and then get inside it covering the most part of themselves. The dust gets on the feature, which is a very positive thing as it promotes its growth.


Chicken Farming is not a very hard thing to do. There are many successful ventures in this track, but the failures are even more worthy of looking upon. Try avoiding these general mistakes that they did, and no one can stop you from having your own dream Chicken farm.

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