How to Prune Mint to Keep it Healthy?

Mint is a one of the best plant with many uses. If you are not planted properly it can grow easily. Here we are going to learn about to take care of your mint plant which saves you a lot of times and headache in future.

1. Pruning a large harvest of mint

After flowering  one third of prune mint back

Pruning can really encourage growth. This is not a negative thing to do with your mint plant. if you don’t like to shear to use them you can prune mint through your fingertips. Its take more time but it  is quite effective. With the help of your fingertips cut off about one third of length of the stem. Small amount mint should be pruned at indoor use fingertip is easier than scissor or a sharp knife.        

Shape your mint plant

Consider what shape you like to your plants to be trimmed. You want to shape your mint plant in the direction that grow, which confines the pot without getting out of control. It can grow fast in various directions, trim your plant in a shape which is comfortable or compatible with the pot.

Shape the plant it doesn’t have excess leaves and shoots pour over the plant.

Must focus on trimming over the plants. Ensure that plant is not sprawling around the side of the pot.

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Store your mint for future use

After a big harvest store mint properly for usage in future is really important. There are various methods to store mint for future purpose in that the most famous method is drying mint. For this dry mint various techniques are used such as hanging it to air-dry, dehydrating and baking it on the oven.

Mint can be freeze. Pick your mint leaves and remove damaged leaves. Pat it dry with a cotton cloth. Cut off the mint leaves and withdraw stems. Place few amount of leaves in the  various compartments of ice tray, fill with water and place them in freezer. If cubes are frozen keep them in container or bag and then leave in the freezer.  

Harvest a fresh mint throughout year

Avert harvest plants are not growing good due to bad and cold weather conditions.

2. Trimming a small amount of mint

Regularly trim your mint plant

Mint is grown up now it begins to bloom (after 90 days), after it grows 3 to 4 inches tall. Trim it regular basis with that the plant should be healthy and strong. You can also use fresh mint after a mint harvest.

Make certain to trim your mint cautiously on every occasion it wishes to be reducing back. Remember to trim the mint so it grows with inside the difficult form of the pot you are the use of. If you are trimming mint outside, make certain to trim mint so mint plant life does now no longer overgrow your garden.

While you could use shears to prune mint, small plant life can effortlessly be pruned simply the use of your fingers.

Use mint for cooking

In most of recipes mint must be used to add a stronger mint flavor. Try to use fresh mint instead of dry mint. For beverages like lemonade or mojitos the mint leaves should be add for flavor purposes.

Turn small harvest into new mint plant

For more mint plant, with help of trimming you can create a new mint plant from the existing plant. Cut off the 5 inches stem from existing mint plant and placed in a pot which is filled with potting soil. The stem will develop into its own plant with sunshine and water.

Fill the pot with the mixture of large amount of compost with potting soil and take the stem which is cut from its original mint plant and place it into the soil.

In a glass of water you can place the stem cutting, remove all leaves that are below the water line. Evenly roots will starts to grow in the water.

3. Growing mint

Plant your mint in a pot

Mint plant is a best to plant in a pot because it has fast growing root system. If you plant in a garden without container it will fastly spread all over the garden.

If you want to plant inside, take a pot fill the garden soil in it and then plant your mint in it. Keep this pot at the window where the sunlight gets throughout the day. Towards the heat source don’t place it.

If you plant outside then dig a 5 inches hole in the ground and place the container inside the hole and place mint inside the container and covered with dirt on top of it. Then the roots of mint plant will spread entire the garden.   

Select right time to plant

 If you are planting at outdoors then the correct time to plant the mint in the spring, if you are experiencing the climate as winter. In frost free climate, it will plant in mid fall.

Water your mint plant often

    Mint plant can be grow in different soils, but it fail to grow in dry environments. It will grow in moist soil. So ensure to water the mint frequently in required condition.

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    Plant your mint properly

    While planting the mint it should be placed under the ground of about 1/4 inches from the surface of ground. If you are planting single seed, plant in the pot and place the pot to expose sunlight on it. If you are planting in the garden then plant each seed about 2 feet distance among them. Ensure that each seed will be in its own container.

    Do not use the container or pot with damages or cracks because mint is a fast growing root so it spread over the entire garden from the damages and cracks of the pot or container.

    And do not place near the heat source or near the furnace, mint can dry out.

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