How to Cure Four Common Chicken Health Issues with Treats & Supplements

 Do you want to know about chicken keeper’s hidden fear of anything going wrong with their flocks? There are several health issues that chicken can experience.

You raise a few chickens, everything is fine in life. Then one day you walked to the street and saw a dead bird, a sick bird. At that moment, you are in awe of death and think that you have failed to raise chickens. The reality is that sick or injured flocks can affect almost anyone. Of course, there are ways to prevent disease and failure. Today we are going to talk about some of the most common diseases and injuries in chickens and how to treat them effectively.

How to Cure Four Common Chicken Health Issues

1. Digestive Issues

Chicken can suffer from various digestive issues, from feeding problem to ventilation problem. Prevention is a fundamental key to digestion, if you keep your chicken’s guts bacteria healthy, they are less likely to get sick. Feeding chicken with probiotic yogurt once a week is a very valuable treat!

Our flocks also add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to the water once a week to control their intestinal flora. If your herd has digestive problems, probiotics are really helpful. Just follow the instructions on the package to manage your flock, and the probiotics will help them heal everything that bothers them.

2. Weak eggshell

Sand is another preventive measure needed to keep chickens digested. Chickens naturally eat the sand in their stomachs to digest food. Chickens raised every day can find the sand they need to stay healthy. Chickens cannot develop freely and need to add sand to maintain their health. Provide sand as an additive of your choice, and then leave the bowl to the chicken. Weak or soft shell is a common problem in chickens. This is due to the lack of calcium in chicken feed. This problem is easy to diagnose and fix. To get a strong, tough eggshell, but if not, you can try some additives.

Ground oyster shells are ideal for most growers facing soft or weak eggs. Oyster shells are provided to their flock’s free choice and are not mixed with feed. Place the bowl in the feeding area and the hens will start to rise. There is also a free solution that works too! Every time you prepare breakfast, save the eggshells of the flock. if you have a dozen eggs, use a mortar and pestle to grind them into powder. Provide a dust-free option for your flock, just like using oyster shells. It has a high calcium content, which can help the eggshell obtain the energy it needs.

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3. Molting

Molting is a very difficult for your chickens. Not only are your chicken half naked, trembled, and confused, but they also need to quickly re-grow their lost feathers!

Feathers are mainly composed of proteins, so chicken need to add extra protein to their diet during molting so that they can grow healthy feathers. During molting is a great idea to feeding high protein chicken feeders like feather fixer, if you don’t have entry to that, the normal feed can be stick and supplement with protein instead.

 Our favorite Mealworms and grubs are rich in protein that is easy to treat. Mealworms are inexpensive and a long-time favorite for our flocks. It is especially helpful with rate and our birds can eat them frequently. Grubs are costly but it has a pack off with higher protein punch.

4. Behavioral & Stress problems

Stress will not only affect you, but also your flock. Over-stressed chickens suffer from various physical problems and can also be a source of frightening of their fellow flocks. Behavioral problems such as bullying, egg picking, and hiding can be the source of your herd’s overstress and lack of entertainment.

Chicken tends to get stress for the following reasons

  • Introduce a new person to the flock
  • Loose flock member
  • Adding light to the birdcage
  • Re-arrange the cage especially henhouse and nest boxes
  • Lacking of food and water
  • Deficient of roost or nesting box
  • Maximum heat or cold
  • Being caged up too long
  • Predators  hidden in the area
  • Pests like mites, lice or rodents cause destruction on your flocks.

If you observed any of those stressors will be affecting your flock, it’s crucial to address them proper away. Stress now no longer simplest ends in conduct troubles inside the flock however can result in illness, wounds, and death as well. One more good way to reduce stress in your flocks is to divert them with treats and supplement! Chickens which might be entertained are a long way probably to pick on each other. Chickens are very food encouraged creatures, and a number of the subsequent hen toys had been verified to bust that boredom so the flock is happier and healthier.

Ways to entertain your flocks with food

  • Hang a cabbage or head of lettuce from the roof
  • Fill the gift ball with vegetables and observe the chasing among your flocks
  • Fill the feed box with mealworms and observe the flocks play to get out of them.

If you work hard to provide your flocks with everything they need to prevent disease before the disease strikes, you will be fine! Make sure you stock up on the best hospitality, entertainment, and supplements to keep them happy and healthy.

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Boosting Immunity

Improve the health of chicks through the use of feed additives and additives that optimize nutrient absorption. The use of high-quality food supplements can reduce the microbial load in feed and raw materials, improve digestion, and restore a healthy number of intestinal bacteria.

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