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Cherry Plant

Hey folks!!! We are back again with an interesting farming guide for you. Cherry farming to earn money or satisfying the tastes is your accord. The more you will explore, the more will urge to get into this will boost up.

This tiny red dotted fruit is a décor relishable fruit. Europe, Turkey, and the USA are the home producers of cherry farming. Though, it is grown world-wide.

Cherry fruit is a nutri-antioxidant drupelet. India finds itself on 26 number among the producers of cherry. As it loves cold weather, north-eastern states of India take charge of cherry farming.

Alright, just tell me if you have a cherry topping on your favorite shake and have an opportunity to prune garden fresh cherries from your farm. What would you like to choose?

No doubt, you will go with the second option. As, nothing can beat the zeal of having such a delight.

Amidst its rare availability, and high earning ratio, it qualifies to be a profitable venture, as cherry cultivation. 

Let us have some insights to the entire process of cherry cultivation.

How to grow cherry trees?

Once you are sorted with the idea of having your own cherry farm, you are half done. Now, it’s just a few basics to be executed out well. How to grow cherry trees? Is the most valid question that crops up into the mind.

Few farmers, think it effortless to buy cherry plants in bulk and plant them in your farm. Why go for spending even this much more when it can be carried out in a more effective way.

Cherry trees can be grown straight from their seeds and trust me it’s even more easy. Just a few corrective steps ahead and here you are with those tasty juicy cherries of yours.

Selection of seeds

You need to choose among black or red cherries, and sour or sweet cherries. Analysis your climatic conditions before proceeding. 

To bear fruits, a cherry farming requires a continuous 8 hours of sunlight.

Cherries gel along with the soil having neutral PH scale and it must be well drained. The soil should not show traces of toxicants as they can reach the fruit easily.

Those sour cherries popular as tarts, or pie cherries attain a height of 20 feet in colder areas. Whereas sweet cherries, reach a height of 35 feet.

Can you grow a cherry tree from a pit?

The most common talks among the newbie farmers, is to land on a perfect idea to start with their own production. Their search for all the tired and tested methods of getting into the cherry farming.

Now, the question is Can you grow a cherry tree from a pit? Today, a lot of trendy agro-techniques floating in the market. Farmers tend to get confused, when lacking complete information about it.

To come on the point, yes you can have cherry trees from a pit. Trust me it is the most, easy method but a lengthy one. You have to have patience for it. As it is said PATIENCE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS.

Just keep in mind the pits should be of your own farm or a farmer’s market. And you can follow the method stated below. And in few steps, you are in your cherry farm.

Preparing seeds

When those pulpy balls find their way to your stomach, save those leftover seeds. Instead of throwing them, just dip them in warm water and clean them.

Allow them to dry on a paper or towel for 5 days. After that place them in a plastic container covered with a lid tightly. Now, carefully this container is allowed to rest in a refrigerator for 10 weeks.

Planting cherries

Remove those dormant cherry pods and allow them to rest at room temperature for 3 hours.

You need to place these tiny pods in soil pots, each with 2-3 pods in number. Place the pots in sunlight with keeping the soil moist.

You can observe seedlings sprouting from those cherry pods. On gaining some height they tend to be kept inside at colder nights. 

The moment your cherry farming starts flourishing, plant the seedlings out at a distance of 20 meters from each other.

At this point of time, they are 10-12 inches tall.

Protecting cherry farming from wildlife

The worst enemy of cherry farming is wildlife. These rabbits, reindeer, and other animals hunting for fodder end up eating these tasty plants. 

You can tie burlap around the plantation. Yes, they are effective but unwrap them when the spring approaches to ensure proper sunlight to the tiny tots.

Once they attain maturity, they become out of reach and they are safe anyways then.

Where do cherry grow?

Cherry farming is copiously practiced in the USA, Turkey, and Europe. The king of sweet cherries is Turkey, and USA. Europe takes the charge of sour cherries.

Don’t forget that in today’s era cherry farming is not restricted to any particular area. A cold temperature, perfect sunlight, and moist drained soil is the key to have cherry cultivated.

So, don’t get demotivated just hunt for perfect conditions to start your cherry farm.

Do cherry trees need full sun?

These cute little red bulbs need full sunlight. Let’s define FULL SUN. Full sun means a sunlight of 8 hours.

Yes, you heard it well, mere 8 hours of sunlight will work wonders. It is mandatory, otherwise, they will end up having straggly stem, discolored fruit, and that is not done.

 When to plant cherry blossom trees

The amazing, tasty and world-famous cherry blossom is the home production of Japan. These cherry blossom plants were given to USA as a token of gift in the early of 19 century. Later the USA also started with the production of cherry blossom.

A cherry blossom plant needs an explicitly nutritious and productive soil. Soil should not be waterlogged and a minimum of 6 hours sunlight is a necessity.

Proper spacing of 20 feet should be maintained between the plants. Fertilization of cherry farming is also necessary to ensure a good production.

Cherry blossom should be planted as soon as the frost period is over, this supports a speedy and good growth of the plant.

Growing dwarf cherry trees

Three species of cherries fall under this category:

  1. Prunus Cerasus
  2. Prunus Fruticosa
  3. Prunus Pumila

These are cultivated for its explicit capacity to withstand extreme cold temperatures. Dwarf structure, and too much pulp is the outstanding feature of these dwarf cherries.

Growing dwarf cherry trees follows the same process nothing different, just a little precaution needs to be taken care of and you have them all.

Pruning in cherry trees

In case of cherry farming too pruning is required. Trimming ensures the removal of dead and unwanted part from the plant.

It promotes good health and growth of the plant. The plant is disease-free and also free from abnormalities.

Fertilization of cherry plants

Cherry farming needs a handful of good organic fertilizers. In a span of 10 years, the plantation needs a combo of Calcium ammoniate, potash and super phosphate to thrive well.

A good manure promotes rapid growth and productivity of the plant.

Harvest and yield of cherry

The harvest period of the cherry farming is in direct relation to the taste and color of the fruit. When the cherries have attained the desired color and sweetness, it means they are ready for pluck.

The quantity of yield lies in how efficiently the farming has been managed. Other factors like thickness of the plant, productivity of the soil and the root system also influence them.

On average a normal cherry tree has the capacity of producing 20 kgs of cherries.

Is cherry farming a profitable venture?

Oh, those tiny red bulb sized fruits are a delight, for the tummy as well as pockets of the farmers. You must be wondering these cherries are short lived, so how can they fetch huge profits.

The most distinguishing feature of this cherry farming is the amount of money it extracts from the buyers. This is a very simple and interesting theory. We all have studied in Economics, the lower the supply, higher is the demand and cost of the product.

Simply, apply this theory over cherry farming. The more it is demanded the lesser it is available and so its cost is generally high.

Like other fruits the fruit markets and supermarkets are flooded with cherries. Among local fruit sellers, only few have the access to cherries. And in the supermarkets not every time you find the cherry counters full.

It is a perishable fruit so keep in the mind the transport should be easily available and nearby the local market. Already, it is having a high cost of production, then, why to increase the cost by adding long transport costs too.

Smart approach is to save on transport cost as other expenses are unavoidable. Don’t think much about it. You can manage your cherry farming venture. That too with huge profits. Grab the opportunity, get your feet into this short sweet fruit farming business.

Wish you lots of luck and success in your venture. Go ahead!!!

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