12 Best Perennial Flowers for Your Garden

What does perennial mean?

In short, these are plants which blooms in spring and summer season but not in winter or autumn season. They bloom back on its own after winter season and can live two years or even longer.

The perennial flowers are of various colours and sizes. Short but beautiful in appearance. The name itself tells that through the years which means they bloom back every year; these plants are of low maintenance once they are planted. People who wish for long lasting beauties for their garden or back yard can choose this type of plants.

Perennial plants are of two different types. Where some of them are short lived that means they only bloom for few years before they die completely. While some of them only bloom for one day each year such as Daylily.

Perennial flowers come with different shapes and sizes also in different colours. The garden with perennial flowers is feast to eyes. Perennials maintain soil cover and have deeper root systems thus provides soil stability and soil health.This means that they can tap available nutrients, enhance biodiversity making more water available to plants. So, if you do not water them regularly also, they can grow well.

These plants are deep rooting and are habituated to slow growth that means they can survive with less fertilizers and less water. Growing perennial plants and maintaining them doesn’t require much efforts. As we know these can grow two years or even longer, so you don’t need to worry about planting or re-potting each time. They bloom back on their own with the propagation of soil when planted.

12 Best Perennial flowers that You Can Grow in your Garden

If well maintained, these flowering plants can be your best houseplants indoors.

#1 Hostas

These are low maintenance plants which bring tropical look to garden with variety of green shades containing white or purple flowers that blooms in summer or fall. The leaves of these plants are lighter so that it needs more sun to thrive and can live for years if maintained properly. Also, prefers partial shade.

#2 Shasta Daisy

These are short-lived plants and grows in clumps looks like chrysanthemum but are of smaller size. These are of white colour with yellow spots in middle. These flowers can also be used for flower vases to light up surroundings in living room. They will regrow within no time; prefers full sun and blooms from late spring to fall.

#3 False Indigo

They bloom after one year of planting flowers will pop-up. The flowers are in shades of blue, purple, and green. The best benefit with these plants is they are disease and pest free, meaning that nothing can stop them from growing. They can grow up to a person’s height and fills like shrub with over years. They prefer full sun and blooms late spring to early summer.

#4 Daylily

These are popular among all the perennial flowers that are known also called as perfect perennial. This daylily’s can survive through anything like fluctuating temperatures, irregular watering as such. They come in various colours and sizes; you can choose the best option that suit your surroundings. As we know they only bloom for one day. Prefers full sun and blooms in early summer.

#5 Phlox

They look pleasing in nature but are slow growing. In summer, tall phlox are visible anywhere from three to five feet height, they pop up creating a beautiful backdrop in your garden, no matter what height they are all of these are star shaped and emit strong fragrance. They prefer full sun but can tolerate shade and blooms spring to summer.

#6 Lupines

These are frequently spotted in wild these can be growing these flowers in your garden too. They grow up to five feet tall in entire lifetime with red in colour and comes in various colours like white, yellow, pink, and purple resembling pea flowers. They need partial or full sun and blooms from spring to summer.

#7 Summer lilacs

These are also known as butterfly bush as the name itself tells that they attract tons of butterflies throughout they bloom. Flowers often come in white and dark purple but lavender pink flowers are pleasing in nature. They require annual pruning; prefers full sun and blooms from summer to fall.

#8 Hydrangeas

 These are one of my favourites among all the perennial flowers that are available. The larger the life flowers heads bend emitting elegance and charm with the touches of pink, lavender, pink, and whites. To have a long-life plant them in spring after frost or in fall before the frost. They prefer partial sun and blooms from summer to fall.

#9 Sedum

These are also known as stonecrop with star shaped clustered flowers which attracts pollinators. These are of two types low growing sedum or upright sedum you can choose the best depending on your garden size. No matter what variety you choose they bloom same flowers with succulent leaves having coloured with pink, red, or yellow flowers. They prefer full sun and blooms from summer to fall.

#10 Asters

These are also known as Astereae with star shaped flowers which look like daisies, but these are entirely different type of perennial flowers. This plan can grow anywhere of height from eight inches to eight feet and blooms in late summer. They also attract bees and butterflies for late summer pollen supply. These plants prefer full sun and blooms from late summer to fall.

#11 Allium

These are purple pompom flowers are part of onion family; flowers looking like the shape of onion. Once they are planted should left untouched for years especially deer and pests to avoid them. They have skinny stems can rise to 30 inches height, makes them stand out against ground covers. They prefer full sun and blooms from fall to summer.

#12 Lavender

Bring the sights and smells of this plant from Mediterranean to your garden by growing these plants which has fantastic aroma. This plant requires extremely high temperatures and can grow well in such regions with little rain. They prefer full sun and bloom from late spring to early summer.

All the above given are some of the best perennial plants which can be perfectly grown in your very own garden. Not only this there are so many perennial flowers that can be grown. They add colour to your garden and smells divine.

There are so many perennial flowers that are available in nature. Choose the best plant among the wide range of varieties which you feel that suits best to your garden. Happy planting!

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